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Best MLM in

Join Marde as a Shaklee Distributor

Shaklee Corporation is an American manufacturer and distributor of natural nutrition supplements, weight-management products, beauty products, and household products. The company is based inPleasanton, California with global operations in Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Taiwan, China and Indonesia.  

It is the number one natural nutrition company in the U.S. and sells healthy, safe, pure products and has never had a recall for any product.

in March of 2015, Shaklee will launch their wonderful program and products in India.   Before that time, anyone who would like to participate should get in touch with me and/or with Santosh Poojary to be ready when the opportunity comes to sign up as a distributor. Along with this site, Best MLM in is the site to visit for updates. Anyone in the United States can sign up with me immediately.  By becoming a U.S. Director by accumulating 2000 PVs (point value points), you will immediately become a Director.  People you sign up under you can contribute to your necessary point total each month.  A PV point is worth about $1.50 to $1.75 each depending on the products sold by others or purchased by you so for 2000 PVs, about $3000-$4000 each month in sales is required.  The faster you sign up others, the faster you become a Director and you must keep up this level to maintain that status.

You can become a distributor for as little as $49.00 but there is a Gold or Silver membership as well for those eager to get started with a supply of products.

Best MLM in

Only Directors can sponsor India members into Shaklee.  If you know Indian citizens who are interested, please contact me and I will pass on information to you as fast as I receive it. There will be three groups of products available including some new life extending products that are being developed or are newly available.  Other products include anti-oxidents and the best vitamins available (remember, the founder of Shaklee invented the multivitamin decades ago)!

Join Marde as a Shaklee Distributor

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