How Can You Make Money? Chubby, Ambitious, Clever Housewives

How Can You Make Money? Chubby, Ambitious, Clever Housewives 

How Can You Make Money? Chubby, Ambitious, Clever Housewives Enter HereThere comes a time once or many times over a woman’s life when she wants or needs to make a change.  The predictable times for me were when I stopped working and stayed home with my first child and then added twins to the mix three years later.  There was a moment of decision later on when I realized that I would probably be getting a divorce and considered going back to school.  There was the empty nest process that I filled by traveling.  But sometimes, we don’t get to make attractive choices, but ones based on need.

Many women today are particularly well suited to starting home businesses.  They have multi-tasked and juggled, planned and executed, thrown out the plan and begun again on any number of projects where someone else often had the final word.  Are we adaptable? You bet!

Often the need to make money and save for the “future” is a cause for change.  After “The Great Bank Heist” we experienced in the late 2000’s, things changed for almost everyone except those that were holding open bags to catch what they had caused to change ownership.  IRAs were wiped out.  Houses were lost.  And the Greatest Generation and the ones right behind were damaged sometimes irreparably.

I’ve suffered as well and decided to learn Attraction Marketing (or Internet Marketing) in order to beef up my 28-year-old flowering bulb business that has been a very small company for its entire history.  Only now, with my children on their own, and my grandchildren finally arriving I find that I want to make something out of it.

I also found that Shaklee is opening for sales, distributorships and MLM marketing in India in September 2014.  I want to help housewives and stay at home Moms, use this opportunity to make some real money.  Indian people, both U.S. citizens and visitors can sign up to sell and market Shaklee’s assorted lines of products including Health, Beauty, Cleaning, and The 180 Turnaround Diet and be in a position with the First Mover Advantage when India opens up in September 2014 when citizen of India can join your Shaklee Team.

Shaklee entered China and Malaysia four years ago and is growing like gangbusters at 8% a month.  The prices are twice what they are in the U.S. but India is expected to be about the same as the U.S.  Shaklee’s founder invented the multi-vitamin 100 years ago and Shaklee’s vitamins, and Vivix, the red wine concentrate are the biggest sellers in Asia to date.  Right now, once you make “Director” you can recruit Chinese and Malaysians distributors and add Indian distrubutors next fall.

How Can You Make Money?
Here is the opportunity with Shaklee:

How Can You Make Money? Chubby, Ambitious, Clever Housewives Enter Here

Costs of the Shaklee Smoothee per Meal without shipping costs, at the different Shaklee levels.  Commissions are built into the cost structure and increase by % at each level.

Shaklee Retail Customer:     $3.20 /per meal
Shaklee Distributor Price:    $2.72 /per meal
Shaklee Director Price          $2.34 /per meal

Apart from lowering you own costs as shown above, How Can You Make Money?

  • You sign up with me to become a Distributor for a one-time fee of $49.
  • Your customer or prospect registers on line (one time fee of $19 to just be a customer and pay retail prices or $49 to become a distributor under you to be on your team with the possibility of selling to others who could also become distributors under you.)
  • You will have the opportunity to have your own web site in order to sign up team members and let everyone use their own credit cards and select their products at any time.
  • If you and your team sell about $3000 per month of any of the many Shaklee products, you can become a Director.  At each level of sales, the commission percentage goes up on your team’s sales.  People who are successful at attracting others who want to become distributors and recruit more people, can make a great deal of money.

I hasten to add that this is not a pyramid, in that you do not have to fill up your garage with products in advance.

Join Me as a Customer or Distributor with Shaklee!

All my life I had been slender.  As a chubby housewife, I lost 10 pounds over and over again but also kept adding a few more pounds until I had no waistline.  With the Shaklee 180 Turnaround Diet, I have lost 8 pounds over the last 4 months without any hardship or feelings of hunger or deprivation.  The process for me was to substitute breakfast and lunch with the smoothee (and I prefer the Chocolate as in all things) with dinner being a well-balanced meal at home or in a restaurant.

The weight loss has been slow with a plateau here and there because of traveling or too many celebrations, but I’m convinced that it will stay off once I’m happy at my new weight.  I have in mind losing 25 pounds in total so I have only 17 more to go!  Any faster and cosmetic surgery might be required to pick up the slack, so to speak.

And if you would like to learn Attraction Marketing, create your own website, then download my free E-Book, read it and start asking me for help!


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