MLM Distributors for India Wanted!

Shaklee has an opportunity opening up in India beginning in January of 2014 and I am looking for high powered people who want to learn Attraction Marketing and can set up their network in the U.S. in order to recruit young Indian men and women in India.

Indian Girl

Exhuberant Indian Girl

Early participants in India will be in the forefront of that vast country’s Shaklee team of distributors, and stand to benefit handsomely.  The four product lines of Health products, Cleaning products, Beauty and anti-aging products and the newest line of the 180 Weight Reduction program will gain traction quickly in India as they have in China.

Before qualifying to sponsor in India next year and in China today (Shaklee has been available in China for four years), one must qualify as a Distributor and sell a minimum of $2000 per month in the U.S.   Indian citizens in the U.S. can gain an advantage in learning Attraction Marketing to help sign up an adequate downline during the next ten months an be in position to then work with sellers and customers in India.

Through this site you will learn the basics of On Line Network Marketing, have a chance to sign up through me to become a distributor, get a personalized, low priced and sophisticated pre-made website to jump start your efforts and access to the training that I have taken and recommend.

All it takes is energy, ambition and enthusiasm to get started.  The cost is only $49 to register through me as a distributor at the following location on my Shaklee website:  Or you can sign up only as a customer to try any products.  Free membership is available when you sign up for the Vitalizer vitamins (choice of Men or Women).  When you are ready to become a distributor, I will provide a website for you with a simple process to follow and access to additional training you might want as you proceed.

Get excited, get active, get going!

 To Become a Shaklee Distributor, Click Here

February 6, 2013 – Thomas Friedman on Indian Youth

“India is the most intriguing case — if it can get its governance and corruption under control. The quest for upward mobility here, especially among women and girls, is palpable. I took part in the graduation ceremony for The Energy and Resources Institute last week. Of 12 awards for the top students, 11 went to women.

“India today has 560 million young people under the age of 25 and 225 million between the ages of 10 and 19,” explained Shashi Tharoor, India’s minister of state for human resource development.  “So for the next 40 years we should have a youthful working-age population” at a time when China and the broad industrialized world is aging. According to Tharoor, the average age in China today is around 38, whereas in India it’s around 28.”

Girls in India are my target for offering them a way to become independent and self sufficient.  My target ages are girls 18-25 which will include a very large segment of the population.  They deserve a helping hand upward for their future in a very male dominated society where sutee (the tradition of throwing wives willingly or unwillingly onto the funeral pyre is all too recent!).

Men and boys will not be ignored but are welcome as well in a separate network for opportunity in India to take the same steps to self reliance and opportunity.  I’ve been told it is advisable to promote two separate groups.

4 Responses to MLM Distributors for India Wanted!

  1. Santosh Poojary says:

    I got your website while searching Google.I am Santosh from Mumbai (India) age 28 years.

    I am struggling with my job as i earn 300$ only & it is very difficult to survive with that amount of money.

    Can i do this business from India with minimum investment & get success from the business.

    Its luck by chance that i got your website & hope that you will help me out to make my dreams come true.

    Awaiting for your reply.

    God bless you.

    Warm Regards,

    Santosh Poojary

    • marde says:

      Dear Santosh:

      I was delighted to hear from you and would like to help you get started with the Shaklee product line.

      People in India can begin to sell products to others in India beginning in January of 2014. While you are waiting, we can send you some samples and information so that you can try out the products and talk to your friends and family members about joining you in recruiting more people to network and spread the word about the products.

      I will need to have your mailing address, so that I can send you a box of samples of the diet, and other products. If you can find people who want to try the diet and give testimonials so that others will be interested, you can begin to start a business for yourself!

      There is no need to buy anything ahead of time. In January, you will be able to pay a one time fee to become a “distributor” and then people will buy their own products and you will get a commission.
      Meanwhile, you can be marketing and I can help you.

      Please send me your address by email!


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