Shaklee 180 Smoothee Vs Generation UCan

Shaklee 180 Smoothee Vs Generation UCan:

I have been on the Shaklee 18o Diet for about 4 months and have lost 8 pounds. The Smoothee Mix makes a delicious soy based drink to which I add half a banana, a heaping spoonful of peanut butter and sometimes coffee along with the almond milk.  The coffee intensifies the flavor and is delicious for the two meals a day that I replace with this drink.

Shaklee 180 Smoothee Vs Generation UCan

This week, I heard about a new, fast selling, smoothie mix called Generation UCan and I ordered some to compare.  Here are the stats:

Shaklee 180 Smoothee Mix          vs        Generation UCan
Calories Alone                           180                  Calories Alone                 200

   With 8 oz non-fat milk         260                      With 16.8 coldwater  200
Total Fat          3 grams          (5%)                  Fat 1 gram                       (2%)
Cholesteral                               (0%)                  Cholesteral                      (0%)
Sodium    240 mg                   (10%)                 Sodium240 mg               (10%)
Potassium  350 mg                (10%)                 Potassium 140 mg         (4%)
Carbohydrate  18 grams       (6%)                   Carbohydrate 33 gram (11%)
Protein 16 grams                    (32%)                     Protein  13 grams       (26%)

    Protein with non-fat milk (49%)
Dietary Fiber 6 grams           (24%)                 Dietary Fiber  3 grams   (12%)

    Fiber with non-fat milk    (22%)

Marketing Claims:

Shaklee 180 Smoothee:  “The Secret to Shaklee 180 is the Leucine – an amino acid that signals your body to retain muscle so you lose the right kind of weight.”  You lose fat not muscle.  It contains soluable corn fiber.  “A complete and balanced meal”.  Leucine

Shaklee 180 Smoothee Vs Generation UCanGeneration UCan:  “New and superior energy source they call SuperStarch, a unique complex Carb that exits the stomach quickly without causing GI distress, no belly aches, and puts you in a more efficient metabolic state.  Modified corn starch.  “UCan inspire, believe, achieve, dream and compete the healthy way”.

The primary difference, as I see the components in the nutritional make-up, is that Generation UCan contains more carbohydrates and Shaklee 180 Diet contains more protein.  One is marketed as a healthy meal substitute and the other as a recovery drink after exercise.

Cost Comparison between Shaklee 180 Turnaround Smoothee and Generation Ucan/Smoothee cost per Meal without shipping costs.

Shaklee Retail Customer:     $3.20                    UCan Retail:    $4.16
Shaklee Distributor Price:    $2.72
Shaklee Director Price          $2.34

What other differences are there between the products?  Shaklee will only use non-GMO products and the healthiest ingredients.  Generation UCan makes no mention of its corn source.  I much prefer taste and flavor of the Shaklee 180 to the Generation UCan smoothee.  For me it is the Chocolate (with Peanut Butter, half a banana and some coffee added).  Others in my family love the Strawberry and Vanilla.

How can You Make Money?

If You and your team sell about $3000 per month of any of the many Shaklee products, you can become a director.  At each level of sales, the percentage goes up on your team’s sales.  People who are successful at attracting people who want to become distrubutors and recruit others, can make a great deal of money.

I hasten to add that this is not a pyramid, in that you do not have to fill up your garage with products in advance.  Your customer or prospect registers on line (one time fee of $19 to just be a customer and pay retail prices or $49 to become a distributor under you to be on your team with the possibility of selling to others who could also become distributors under you.)

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2 Responses to Shaklee 180 Smoothee Vs Generation UCan

  1. michele says:

    GenU (w/protein) is not just a smoothie to be drinking smoothie. GenU is for athletes or endurance enthusiasts that want a recovery drink with protein. GenU has non-GMO corn starch that does not breakdown in the stomach, but is absorbed in the intestines to not have a sugar spike which allows you to burn fat. There is no added sugar in GenU so it works for those on a no sugar, no grains diet (yes, I understand it is a starch which is from a grain, but it does not affect the body like other starches or sugars to spike blood glucose levels.).

    • marde says:

      GenU may not spike with sugar, but then, neither does Shaklee’s drink. Our bodies need sugar and one Shaklee 180 shake supplies 1/3 of the daily intake needed. Your drink is appropriate for energy recovery, but the 33 grams of carbohydrate in GenU versus the 16 grams in 180’s turns to sugar (glucose) upon ingestion. Thus the energy repenishment. Check out Shaklee’s Physique” which is meant to be drunk immediately after a workout and again 2 hours later. I’ll compare them in another blog entry. Thank you for commenting.

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