Shaklee Physique and 180 Turnaround Vs GenU

Shaklee Physique and 180 Turnaround Vs GenU

Shaklee Physique and 180 Turnaround Vs GenUHere is a comparison that I put together fron the information on the packages of Shaklee Physique and 180 Turnaround Vs GenU for the friend who told me about GenU.  I’ve been successfully dieting on the Shaklee 180 Turnaround diet for 4 months and have lost 8 pounds.  Slow but steady and the diet is delicious with my favorite additives of frozen banana and peanut butter to the chocolate soy powder.  The stats below for the 180 Smoothee are without the additives which boost, protein, carbs, fiber and calories.

Shaklee Physique and 180 Turnaround Vs GenU

When considering Shaklee Physique and 180 Turnaround Vs GenU, I tasted the GenU powder shake mixed with water as they recommend, not low fat milk, and found it lacking in deliciousness.  However, the Shaklee Physique comes in a pleasant Banana flavor and seems almost identical to GenU but with more carbs, more protein, and better flavor. GenU has fewer calories with water ( 200 for GenU and water, 300 for Physique with non-fat milk).   From my perspective, Shaklee Physique wins on all counts except for fiber.  I use Almond Milk with my smoothees and my daughter uses Coconut Milk.  A further benefit is that Shaklee’s prices are lower than GenU.

Shaklee Physique and 180 Turnaround Vs GenU containers:

Shaklee Physique and 180 Turnaround Vs GenU







My favorite Recipe:

Package or 2 scoops of Chocolate 180 Turnaround Diet power
1 heaping tsp. peanut (I like chucky)
1/2 frozen Banana
1/2 C, of Almond Milk
1/2 C. of Coffee

Blend and enjoy!

Add fresh fruit to the Vanilla Smoothee or
add frozen pineapple to the Vanilla for a tropical treat

Add fresh strawberries to the Strawberry

And there are also the following other versions:
Cafe Latte
Whey Vanilla
Vanilla Chai

For further commentary on this subject, see a previous post here: Shaklee vs UCan

Please comment on either or both product lines!  There is a lot of interest in both products and recipes.

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