What is Attraction Marketing?


What is Attraction Marketing?

Ann Seig: The most successful teacher of Attraction Marketing in the U.S.

People are asking, ” What is Attraction Marketing? “

Historical means of advertising in print, television, and radio are fading in importance, and what is taking their place is Internet marketing and a technique that “pre-qualifies” your prospects so that they find you when they want the service or product you are selling.

This technique is of great use to MLM marketers, multi-level marketers, who used to chase their family, friends, acquaintances and finally strangers or anyone they come face to face with!  How exhausting that old technique is after initial success, and it finally peters out as does the seller’s energy in most cases.

Enter the New Technique!

Now there is nothing easy about setting up this elegant system but with some internet classes and coaching, it is doable.  In fact, I read and studied everything I could and after 2 months had the basics set up and a brand new website and blog called marderossmarketing.com.  I took a break and then hit the computer again and after a total of 4 months had everything working including writing a short and free E-Book about setting up a blog.

Here is how the Learning Process  Works:

1.  You set up a website around yourself so that people can get to know you, trust you, and want to work with you.  You will have to study Word Press or sign up for a class as it can be very daunting!

2.  You must blog frequently and write original content rather than copying verbatim from other blogs or artices you might find on the web.  Google is so smart that they can tell when you are copying or trying too hard to put in “SEO” tags (search engine optimization) but that expertise comes later on.

3.  You will learn the process of building a “Sales Funnel” and this is the machine that makes magic happen for you.  Every stage takes precise set-up but when you are finished, you will have an automatic machine working for you 24 hours a day and people will find you!

4.  You will write, buy or invent something you can give away for free in order to build an email list of your prospects in exchange for their fillling out you form.

5.  You will find other people doing the same building that you are and for many, many different purposes.  I am building a sales funnel to use on Marde Ross & Company which has taken my 28 year old company forward, for example, and another website to introduce the concept of Attraction Marketing, marderossmarketing.com.   For recruiting people in India to position themselves as “First Movers” in India when Shaklee comes to India in 2014, I have built BestMLMInIndia.com to help people learn this technique in advance, in order to race ahead of their competition.

The best person to teach Attraction Marketing, and the person I have been a student of the subject with is Ann Seig from Minneapolis, Minnesota.   She has learned about MLM from years of struggle and then her son and she built a large and family like company to teach others about what they developed.  If you listen to this video, you will understand just how powerful Attraction Marketing can be and you can get her whole system and read her book, The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto for a small price.

What is Attraction Marketing?

The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto

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