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If you want to learn Attraction Marketing, I can help you.  You found me because I have put together a system that attracts people who are interested in the very newest and effective kind of marketing that there is.

Advertising, yellow pages, want ads, opportunity advertisements, cold calling by telephone and contacting friends were the old pathways to creating a successful business.  Now, all that has changed and brick and mortar stores are languishing in some areas as are dealerships and chain stores.   What has changed?  The Internet has come of age!

I have found and used a process that finds ideal customers for what you are selling be it an actual product, an idea, a process, or a training system you have to offer.  This process is called Attraction Marketing.

The beauty of this idea is that people who are not interested in your product or service “SELF SELECT”, first by ignoring the offer or by “Opting In” to receive your gift and hearing more.  You are left with potential customers and the browsers have melted away.

What is in an Attraction Marketing Website?

Briefly, this consists of a Blog, and a Free Gift or idea of what you can offer to people in exchange for their email address.  This enticing offer must have some substance and be of interest to the ideal client you would like to attract and is usually informational in nature.  The creation of a website is the primary requirement, and suggestions to make creating this easily are at the end of this article.

For example, I introduced peonies to California gardeners in the 1980’s when no one thought they could be grown there.  Now, I give away information on how to plant and grow peonies in California and in other warm climates from my website  After a prospect signs up with their name and email address, they are given a free report on “How to Grow Peonies”.  When I thank them for their interest, they have a chance to but my longer E-Book, “The Guide to Growing and Planting Bulbs and Peonies in Warm Climates” for $19.95 which addresses daffodils, tulips and other bulbs as well as peonies.  It also includes ideas for planting a “Daffodil Hill” as I have done, and are introduced to my blog and website on the same topic where all the products are available.

Traffic to your website is generated by blogging, free offer, social media and paid advertising called PPC (pay per click).  The more you blog about you, your life, your product, system or ideas the more traffic will roll through your “funnel”.  Those who want what you offer, will give you their email address and become “leads” for further offers.

By providing links to the Attraction Marketing trainers from whom you will learn, fees will flow into your bank and Paypal accounts when your prospects sign up under you for the webinar trainings.  This is a good passive way to earn extra income, and first you will sign up under me.

If you are a beginner and need to set up a blogging site, Daily Marketing Coach Plus is the way to begin.  I recommend joining this as an Inner Circle member as it is very cost effective and leads to higher affiliate fees for you.  Marsha Godwin is a trainer within this system and also has a detailed, live, course online where you can ask questions during the classes.  They are also recorded for later reviewing.  The hour of free coaching she includes makes the course a real bargain.

If you already have a website, you can still use Daily Marketing Coach Plus and also Marsha, because she has vast knowledge for the pieces that follow, like the free offer and auto response set-up.  And/or you can begin learning from Rich and Natasha Hazlett who specialize in Ads and Branding, two other important fields.  There is a good Traffic training site, a Video expert, and other aids to learning and setting up this system and who are official coaches with DMC+ as the course is known.  Within two months, I had a new site that I designed myself up and almost fully running!   It might take you more or less time, but you will also have a website to implement this system.

If you sign up for these products through me, I will speak with you for 20 minutes by phone.  I want to help you achieve success on this new and ideal new platform for Attraction Marketing which is growing in importance each day.

Affiliate Resources: 

Marsha Godwin    $197     Bloggin Expert – “Blogging Simplified” and Website Creation Course

Ann Seig       $9.97 Trial    DMC – Creater of Daily Marketing Coach





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